As we embark on this new year of 2016 ( somebody  explain to me how I got here), it is always a time of renewel, commitment and energy. I cannot forget in all of that, the role that God plays in the work that Regenesis Project attempts to do. Without the guidance, which He probably thinks I ignore, we would be nowhere. Now that our soap project is up and running-despite a couple of hiccups- I am encouraged that maybe we can do more. I just want to be sure that moving ahead is God's will, not mine. I struggle with that concept, maybe more than I should.

In this day of social media, every once in a while you see something posted, while very simple, is very profound. The other day "it's not whether the glass is half full or half empty, it's refillable" was posted on face book. I thought to myself that if everyone could see this and apply it to their life, what a difference it would make. To keep your glass full requires some action on the individual's part, although once in a while you may need to ask for help to fill your glass. But, if you allow that glass to get empty, you would be in serious trouble.

On a daily basis, I find myself reminded of the fact, that as a society, we feel that we are entitled to certain things, and in some extreme cases, everything. I work two jobs on different ends of the financial spectrum. I work in a homeless shelter and a private school. People in both arenas feel that they are entitled , money or not. The young people that attend the private school (and most of the faculty and administration) have led lives that for the most part are not lacking in material things.

Hope. It might be a four lettered word, but it sure means at lot of different things to a lot of different people. I recently read a rather strange book having to do with the world as we know it being invaded by alien "stuff". The people that survived were the children and those who gathered up the children. The adults who gathered the children didn't just give up. To me, I guess that is what hope is. Not to give up. Certainly I can see how people give up.

I have gone  through a great many changes in the past month and although some may not think so, I believe with all my heart that it has had the hand of God all over it. Have you ever been pushed so far that you just snap? Have you ever been disregarded or made a joke of when all you were trying to do was to be open and honest? Have you ever felt that even when someone apologized to you, that despite the apology, your trust of that person was totally shattered? These are just a few of the thoughts and emotions that I have experience in the past few weeks.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with some people who come from a whole different lifestyle than I live. For those who know me, my life has been really simplified in the past few years. I live where I work,I work insane hours many times, I do what I can for my church, and I spend alot of time, energy, and financial resources on Regenesis Project. This opportunity got me thinking, if I felt kind of like a fish out of water, how must the Haitians feel about me? I bring home more in a 2 week paycheck than most of them see in a year.

I have been in Haiti for a week now and it has again been interesting. Things are just different here and most of the time all you can do is shake out the cobwebs and try to move forward.So far the response to the financial classes seems to be positive. Of course we say that the class is at 9:30 but we don't start until 10:00 and even then some of the participants might not be there. The educational background of the participants varies widely, although we were surprised at how far a few of them had gone through school.

I return to Haiti on May 5th and will br there until the 17th. I  am looking forward to returning and I think that God must have a plan. I find that as my trips to Haiti approach, I experience problems or difficulties. Basically, I view these happenings as spiritual warfare since they seem so consistent. Last time just before I left, I developed an allegeric reaction to something and my face swelled up. This time, I have gotten burned, not once, but twice. I haven't burnt myself like that in years. Really isn't a great idea to go to Haiti with an open wound.

It has been a while since I have posted anything because it is just crazy how time gets away from you. I will be returning to Haiti May 5th to the 17th and it is going to be so jammed packed with things to do, that I sometimes don't know where to start. When I go back this time, I want to start teaching some simple financial education classes. This is stepping way out of the box for me. I'm not really a teacher in the manner that you stand up in front of a class and spout facts. I'm more of a discussion type of person. So, I am attempting to come up with a plan that uses both.

    Are you content with your life? If not, why not? What would it take for that to happen? More money? More time? More meaningful pursuits? Less drama? Less stress? Less people depending on you? We all have to deal with frustrations, that's a fact of life. But, do we let these frustrations take over and rule our lives?