Badin lives in the village of Sous Savanne, Haiti. He is married and the father of 2 precious little girls. His main source of income is making school uniforms for boys. Because clothing is one thing that is inexpensive in Haiti, he doesn’t have much call for his tailoring skills except for alterations or repairs. Because there is no power in the village, his sewing machine is an electric machine that has been converted to a treadle. Badin is using the money that he is earning making handbags to take care of his family and to take English lessons so he can become a translator.

Delacamise & Naomi

The Two Sisters are Delacamise and Nahomie. Nahomie lost her husband during the Haitian earth-quake in January 2010. She has 2 children. Her sister Delacamise has one child and currently lives with her mother. These two ladies work together to make beautiful paper bead jewelry. They use the money from the jewelry to take care of their children and to send them to school.


Fritz stopped painting after the Haitian earthquake in January 2010. It was all he could do to help his family and friends get back on their feet. He is one of the community leaders in the village of Sous Savanne. He is now painting again after some encouragement. His studio is just in the shade outside of his home in the compound where he lives. He sells his paintings to members of aid groups who come to work in the village and he also sells some at art shows.


Jina is the single mother of one daughter. She lost her home in the Haitian 2010 earthquake and lives in a Red Cross transitional home on her parents’ property. She uses the money from making jewelry to help support her family.


LouLoune is a single mom with a teenage daughter who lives in the village of Sous Savanne, Haiti. She is a wonderful lady with a very large and compassionate heart. Her compound is always full of family and friends. Her main source of income is making school uniforms for girls attending one of the local schools. Each school has their own uniform and colors, so in any year she can be making a whole range of uniforms. The money she makes from making bags helps her raise her daughter and to send her to school.


Widlyne is a single mother of 3 children. She lost her home in the 2010 Haitian earthquake and eventually ended up in Sous Savanne where she lived in a tent with her family for 3 years until she received a new home built through the efforts of Hope Force International. The money she earns from making jewelry helps send her children to school.